Summer Schools

Last updated on May 16, 2016

The 2016 EANS Summer School will be held in Halle (Saale), Germany from the 4th July until the 15th July 2016.



A short presentation about Halle (Saale) and the Summer School university hosts

Applications for new year 1 participants are now closed. All year 1-3 participants have been contacted by the organisers. Participants should NOT book any accommodation as this will be organised by Halle directly at a special discount.

Summer School 2016 Participant Information

Core Information

  1. 2008 MRC Complex Interventions Framework Document
  2. EANS participant handbook 2016
  3. Link to Summer School recommended textbook: ‘Complex Interventions in Health: an overview of research methods‘.


We recommend that all participants obtain a copy of this comprehensive research methods textbook to read before you attend the summer school. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon or the publisher’s website.

Useful Information

Educational Materials to Download

Year 1

  1. Year 1 Timetable
  2. Year 1 My PhD PowerPoint presentation template (download and save to your computer)
  3. Year 1 health care system template (download and save to your computer)
  4. Year 1 Our Health Care Systems PowerPoint presentation template

Year 2

  1. Year 2 Timetable
  2. My PhD One Year Later Year 2 (download and save to your computer)

Year 3

  1. Year 3 Timetable
  2. My PhD One Year Later Year 3 (download and save to your computer)
  3. My Nursing Science Career (download and save to your computer)

The EANS Debate 2016

This house believes that there are no aspects of knowledge, research or practice that are completely unique to nursing.”  Briefing materials here.

Archived Materials

The 2015 Summer School was held in Barcelona, Spain from the 29th June until the 10th July 2015.

Follow this link to the participants’ page